Christmas is coming….

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Christmas is coming fast and strong, it is probably the most celebrated time of the year in many of our calendars. A chance for families and friends to get together, share gifts, hugs and laughs. However, whether you are a business or a consumer, Christmas can be as equally stressful as it is fun.


At Walker’s we are super busy right now, with our factory working 24 hours a day, and thanks to our loyal and hard working workforce we are able to now supply over 45 countries around the world in time for Christmas, after all what would Christmas be without your toffee slab and hammer? Or without your jar of toffee to pick out your favourite and share around the family!




However, as a consumer, it is also busy, as I am sure you know only too well, with presents needing to be brought for everyone and not wanting to forget a certain someone, and we all know that person who is impossible to buy for, right? Well, I am convinced our toffee slabs with the traditional toffee hammer can make a perfect gift for anyone? Sitting downstairs on Christmas morning bashing the toffee into different sized pieces for different people is what all the fun is about? The noise even creates a fun atmosphere.





Our Online shop now offers a range of products. With four types of Slab packs and also our Luxury Toffee Selection, all including the toffee hammer. We offer next day delivery, as we know sometimes you just can’t wait! Don’t forget however, we are now stocked across the high street and a local stockist can be found on our Where to buy page.

So, we don’t have long until Christmas, and until then we will be cooking our delicious creamy toffee so you can all enjoy it!



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