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Did You Know. . .

The name “NONSUCH” was taken from Henry VIII’s legendary “Nonsuch” Palace.

Crowned the ‘palace of all palaces’ for its exquisite splendour there was ‘nonsuch’like it - just like Grandad’s toffee - there’s nonsuch toffee like Walker’s Toffee!




  • We export to 40 countries, including Vietnam, Aruba and Iraq!


  • We offer 11 different varieties of twist wrapped toffees.


  • Liquorice Toffee is said to have medicinal properties and Treacle Toffee is particulary good for sore throats.


  • During the 80’s it was wondered if Walker’s Toffees were an aphrodisiac! 


  • Over one quarter of the female employees became pregnant at the same time, this was featured on BBC’s “Thats Life” programme with Ester Rantzen.


  • Toffee is a great source of energy and has been taken in the backpacks of explorers and mountaineers since the early part of the Century.


  • Walker’s Toffee has been amongst the many gifts sent to the Royal Family, in particulary the Queen Mother:

Queen Mother


  • It is impossible to just eat ONE Walker’s Toffee!


  • Walker’s toffees have recently been enjoyed in the Royal Box at Wimbledon 2013.