Toffee Apples with Walkers Toffee.

So what is it with Toffee apples and Halloween I wonder ?

Yes I can remember eating them when I was young, basically because they tasted so much better than an apple on their own! In a way they must be classed as one of your “five a day”. Great news I can actually indulge in a healthy treat!! Is this cheating or being totally wicked ! Who cares its Halloween and I’m going to conjure up my own Toffee Apple recipe but with a tricky twist.. lovely liquorice toffees…so here it goes….

1 x 150g bag of Walkers Liquorice toffees
1 apple
1 lollipop stick


Because I don’t possess a cauldron I am cheating and using a microwave …
Unwrap a whole bag of Liquorice Toffees and place in a microwaveable bowl.
Gently melt the toffees on a low to medium heat for 1-2 minutes depending on your microwave (do not put on a high temperature as this will only burn the toffee . Beware this happened to me on my trial, and I had to take the microwave outside to cool down !!!
Once the toffee is melted, carefully dip the apple into the runny mixture using a small wooden spoon.
The toffee hardens fairly quickly so this has to be done promptly.
Insert the lollipop stick.
Allow to thoroughly cool before tasting.

Result…..Absolutely scrumptious. Especially if you like Liquorice Toffee like me . However, any other toffee variety would be good, so many to choose from so you can really experiment and take your own twist on the recipe.

All I need now is my empty pumpkin filled with assorted toffees ready for those Trick or Treaters….

Happy Halloween to you all




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