Delicious and Creamy Yummy Toffee Bars!

We have been making our lovely toffees for over 100 years.

I have worked here for 30 years alongside my Dad and it’s his 61st year here!

Today I am reflecting about the longevity of our toffee and why it has been so successful?

Walkers Toffee was started in 1894 and still remains a family company today. Our toffee is made from only just good ingredients like whole milk and butter. We take pride in our quality and service and treat every customer individually. Daily attention is paid to how our toffee is cooked, packaged and tastes.

All our toffee is free from artificial colours, preservatives, hydrogenated vegetable oils and gluten too! Yes it’s creamy, and delicious. Mmmm….

Our 100g bars come in a traditional toffee tray which is reusable for baking and it’s free of charge! Perfect for your tray bakes!

Tray Bakes

The bars are available in seven varieties and are unique to the independent retailers and our online shop

Varieties include, Original Creamy, Brazil nut, Belgian Milk Chocolate, Treacle, Whole Roasted Hazelnut, Liquorice and my favourite Luxury Fruit and Nut. You have to taste it!

If you are a Toffeeholic you will appreciate that the best way to enjoy and break toffee is to use a toffee hammer!

HEY so not only can you enjoy the best toffee but get a free baking tray too!

Remember to Whack, Unwrap THEN Enjoy!

Katie Walker x


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