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1.25kg Jars of Assorted Toffees & Chocolate Eclairs
2.5kg Bulk Bags in Assorted Toffees and Liquorice
Andy Pack 100g Bars of Original & Brazil Nut
Original and Nutty Brazil Traditional Slab Hammer Packs

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B&M Stores

Christmas 2019:

Selection Hammer Pack

Duo Hammer Pack

Treacle Toffee for Bonfire Night / Halloween


Booths Supermarkets

150g Bags:  English Creamy, Liquorice, Treacle

135g Bag Double Dipped Chocolate Toffees

Fathers Day: 1.25Kg Jar Assorted Toffees & Chocolate Eclairs & 1.25Kg Jar Liquorice Toffees



Dobbies Garden Centres

450g Jars of Assorted Toffees & Chocolate Eclairs and Liquorice Toffees

150g Bags:- Salted Caramel, Assorted Toffees & Chocolate Eclairs, Milk Chocolate Eclairs, Mint Toffees



Christmas 2019:

Selection Hammer Pack

Home Bargains

105g Bags: Treacle & Liquorice

50g Bars: Dreamy Creamy Toffee, Lovely Liquorice Toffee, Yummy Banana Toffee

Manx Supermarkets (Isle of Man)

150g Bags: English Creamy, Treacle, Assorted, Liquorice, Milk Chocolate Éclairs, Banana Éclairs and NEW Salted Caramel Toffees


Morrisons Supermarkets

150g Bags: Banana Éclairs (Selected Stores Only)

100g Tray Toffee: Brazil Nut (Selected Stores Only)


Sainsburys Supermarkets

150g Bags: Treacle, Banana Éclairs (Selected Stores Only), Liquorice, Mint Toffees (Selected Stores Only)

New Salted Caramel Toffees and Double Dipped Chocolate Toffees (Selected Stores)


Selection Hammer Pack, Creamy Toffee Slab, Liquorice Toffee Slab, Nutty Brazil Toffee Slab, 1.25kg Jar Assorted

New Salted Caramel Toffees 150g Bags

New Salted Caramel Toffees 1.25Kg Jars

Studio24 (online)

Christmas 2019:

1.25kg Jar: Assorted, Milk Chocolate Éclairs, Liquorice, Salted Caramel,

1Kg Jar Double Dipped Chocolate Toffees

Toffee Tray: Brazil Nut, Original Creamy, Fruit & Nut

Toffee Nose

150g Bags

100g Tray Toffee

Gift Lines

Available at: Jubilee Mkt, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8BD